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Chandra Asri is the Indonesia’s premier petrochemical producer with an integrated plant incorporating world class, state of-the-art technology and supporting facilities. We operate the country’s only Naphtha Cracker producing high quality Olefins and Polyolefins, and is the sole domestic producer of Styrene Monomer and Butadiene.

As one of the largest petrochemical companies in the region, Chandra Asri ensures our customers’ satisfaction, which has been leading the growth of our market share within the last decade. This growth is a result of good corporate governance and prudent financial management. Businesswise, we are committed to establishing and integrating global partnerships while never compromising on service. Investing in our workforce as well as engaging in equitable corporate responsibility programs is at the heart of everything we do and is integral to our business.

We are looking for potential and high caliber talent for the above position who is keen to grow with us.

Job Purpose:

Prepare and perform competency development system implementation and training management process for core, leadership & job family competencies, especially in the planning & design phase, work with PD Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing to identify the needs, delivery strategy, and system utilization to ensure competent people for business needs.

Job Descriptions:

  • Perform the implementation of the core, leadership and job family competency development system in the planning and design process of the program which refers to the blended learning concept (70:20:10) to close gaps and improve competencies including running system optimization to ensure alignment with direction and strategy.
  • Design and implement evaluation system for implementing the learning & development program in the PD CNL area to ensure smooth implementation and program effectiveness.
  • Develop and evaluate dictionaries and learning journeys of core, leadership and job family competency on a regular basis to ensure compliance with company or business directions.
  • Prepare, design, implement comprehensive CNL Development Program in line with the Annual Learning Development Program (ALDP), with coordination with PD Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Section
  • Prepare and maintain data, document, and report related to core competency development, leadership, and job family as a basis of development and update of dashboard, report, decision making, audit, and other purposes.
  • Develop and implement techniques or applications related to learning & development in accordance with the developments of technology and equipment used by employees to increase knowledge and skills, as well as productivity.
  • Perform a Learning Management System (LMS) and Career Development Plan (CDP) to support the implementation of the competency development system.
  • Perform a training management process (request, preparation, implementation, evaluation, payment, and procurement process) for all types of training (internal, external, and in-house) to ensure program effectiveness and efficiency
  • Record documents related to PD CNL Section activities, such as invoices, attendance lists, contracts, WPAs, and other activities, to ensure the readiness of the Section / Department for audits. Prepare CNL OPD publication materials (communication & design activities) for publication in several media, such as e-learning systems, corporate television, newsletters, etc., as well as for other purposes. Implement the inclusion program (CA Women) as an implementation of ESG performance to increase the empowerment of female employees in the company.
  • Prepare data and information for the needs of OPD CNL Section annual budgeting including monitoring, recording and reporting the usage.
  • Support Employee Engagement Survey regularly by coordinating with third parties, setting up action plan workshops and implementing the action plan to increase employee effectiveness. Support the collaborative process with the iSTAR task force to promote and evaluate the strengthening of corporate culture, to make iSTAR a way of life at company.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Communication, Psychology, Management, Industrial Engineering or other relevant major from reputable universities
  • Has 2 years of working experience in similar position, preferably from a company with competency management system. However, Fresh Graduates with strong interest in HR field are welcome to apply.
  • Preferably experience in Human Resources, especially in learning & development area.
  • Good knowledge and understanding about competency management system
  • Highly analytical and data-driven
  • Demonstrate the ability to build good coordination and build good relationship with multiple stakeholders related to the job.
  • Excellent communication skill and able to speak and write in fluent English.
  • Initiative, and able to work effectively either as a part of team or as and individual with minimum supervision.
  • Willing to be placed in our site office (Cilegon – Anyer).

This position will be place in Plant Site, Cilegon.

To apply for this job please visit