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Tag: Laboratorium

samdan vivon jaya

PT. Samdan Vivon Jaya

PT Samdan Vivon Jaya was established in February 11th, 2015 as a trading of electroplating chemical based in Tangerang, Indonesia. Within a few years, our efficient management and strong commitment

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fajarindo faliman zipper

PT. Fajarindo Faliman Zipper

PT. Fajarindo Faliman Zipper is the largest Indonesia zipper manufacturing company with AmcoZip™ brand. Established since 1979 with the largest production capacity more than 300 tons per month. The company

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unicare beauty kosmetindo

PT. Unicare Beauty Kosmetindo

Welcome to Unicare Beauty Kosmetindo, we are a dedicated cosmetic contract manufacturing service provider committed to delivering high-quality and innovative cosmetic products. As an experienced and trusted company in this

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sendang mitra pesona

PT. Sendang Mitra Pesona

PT Sendang Mitra Pesona merupakan perusahaan jasa pembuatan kosmetik yang telah beroperasi sejak tahun 2019. Kami menggunakan teknologi Pharmaceutical Grade Water yang mana teknologi tersebut merupakan standar yang aman dan

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