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Tag: Kimia

cba chemical industry

PT. CBA Chemical Industry

PT. CBA Chemical Industry merupakan perusahaan agrokimia yang didirikan tahun 2001 dimulai dari sebuah cita-cita sederhana untuk memenuhi kebutuhan petani dengan produk lokal yang kompetitif dan berkualitas. CBA telah berkembang

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diachem resins indonesia

PT. Diachem Resins Indonesia

PT. Diachem Resins Indonesia (DRI) is a rapid growing PMA chemical manufacturer, joint venture of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Japan. By expanding our production capacity, we need to expand aggressively our

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polyplex films indonesia

PT. Polyplex Films Indonesia

A new Company named “PT Polyplex Films Indonesia” has been incorporated in Indonesia on 11th October 2017 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Polyplex (Thailand) Public Company Limited. This is

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nusaraya putramandiri

PT. Nusaraya Putramandiri

Over the last twenty years, Nusaraya Putramandiri (NPM) has gained strong reputation and traction as the friendly, trusted and reliable partner of choice for producing quality lubricants, satisfying customers in

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PT. Purantara Mitra Angkasa Dua

CAS Food trading under the name of PT Purantara Mitra Angkasa Dua, is the latest additional facility of In-flight Kitchen with International standard of Food Safety and Hygiene at Soekarno-Hatta

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samdan vivon jaya

PT. Samdan Vivon Jaya

PT Samdan Vivon Jaya was established in February 11th, 2015 as a trading of electroplating chemical based in Tangerang, Indonesia. Within a few years, our efficient management and strong commitment

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fajarindo faliman zipper

PT. Fajarindo Faliman Zipper

PT. Fajarindo Faliman Zipper is the largest Indonesia zipper manufacturing company with AmcoZip™ brand. Established since 1979 with the largest production capacity more than 300 tons per month. The company

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perfect companion group

PT. Perfect Companion Group

Perfect Companion Group (PCG) adalah perusahaan makanan hewan kesayangan kelas dunia yang dibangun untuk memenuhi kebutuhan industri produk hewan kesayangan. PCG dibangun untuk memperluas dan mendukung spesialisasi Charoen Pokphand Group

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